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The Binding Of Bendy
Enjoy the Binding of Isaac as everyone's favorite dancing Demon!
Created 5 months ago
The Binding of Bendy adds everyone's favorite dancing demon to the roster along with a few graphical changes. Most enemies, some familiars a few floors and some bosses have been changed to fit the 1930's cartoon style BaTIM uses. Although most of it is still unchanged, I do have plans to change everything I missed out in a future update along with more characters.



Bendy himself starts with the book of sins and has ink tears (slows down on contact) that work differently to other characters, rather then trickling out tears he launches them at high speeds, making accuracy important to land a hit.

--Other characters to be added--

Future plans

Although this mod is fairly simple as of now, I have plans to add more characters, items,trinkets custom music (to fit 1930's cartoons) and try to give the whole game a Bendy vibe.

Known Issues

Due to Bendy's strange head shape certain items that change the body change Bendy back to Isaac, a simple "mom's dresser" should fix him up however.

Due to make somewhat poor editing skills, some sprites and tiles do seem buggy and glitchy, hopefully in the future however I should have that fixed.

This is my first attempt at a mod so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
and If any questions arise feel free to ask!


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have you uploaded this on the steam workshop? I would to see it there!
hey!, I've just uploaded it on the workshop just now! let me know if it works!
Alright, i just played it and tried it and everything works! For some reason, on the select character screen, it duplicated bendy. That's the only problem I've had! 10/10 good mod
Just got a screenshot of the double bendys
wow thanks! so much!
I'd assume the reason Bendy duplicated was
because you had this mod from this site, and the workshop version, which would give you 2 bendy's instead of one,
thanks so much for your support!
dammit! someone beat me to it! xD
oh dear, have you tried putting the mod in \Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods, that should work
I'm afraid not pal, due to rebirth working slightly differently to afterbirth+, the mod only works afterbirth+
yeah sorry dude it seems like there's nothing I can do to change it for afterbirth, sorry
yeah, but what version do yo have? I'll upload another one you can use
oh dear, try putting in \Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods, that should do the trick
June 5, 2018 - 3 months ago

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