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Sweet nightmares...
Created 30 days ago
After a long, hard day of fending off primitive monsters, donating blood, and cleansing rooms of fecal matter, Isaac can feel a bit drowsy and weak. If he wears this comfy hat as he descends into a new floor of his basement, he can get a much better sleep on the ground (aside from his agonizing nightmares, of course), restoring his red health completely!

You can find the Nightcap on sale in shops.


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November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

We now have a store with modding-related and Antibirth shirts, with designs by the amazing Elko! The price may be going up a little soon, so if you wanted to get them at the lowest price they will be, now is the time. Special thanks to DragonoidSlayer for helping get this set up!

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