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DDLC - The Complete Isaac Mod (Ab+)
Adds All 4 Playable Dokis, 2 Active Items and 4 Passive Items!
Created 7 months ago

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod. (DDLC Isaac Mod)

Created by Crashpunk, CheapEggnog, That Guy and Xalum.

Adds 4 New Playable Characters and 6 Items based on Team Salvato's Visual Novel, Doki Doki Literature Club!


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  • All 4 Playable Dokis!
  • 2 New Active Items!
  • 4 New Passive Items!
  • 4 Transformations!
  • Sound Effects!
  • Costume compatibility with most base game items!
  • ...Secrets.

This mod originally started as a simple combination of Crashpunk's DDLC Yuri Mod and CheapEggnog's The Binding of Monika but since grew into a much larger project; with the addition of 6 new items, Transformations, vastly improved sprites, sounds and hidden easter eggs.

This is a Doki Doki Literature Club! fan work that is not affiliated with Team Salvato. Support the creators by downloading Doki Doki Literature Club! at: or


"Happy thoughts..."

Starting Items
- The Jar
- Depression
- Card: XII -The Hanged Man

Has an extra life (See Sayo-nara Transformation below)

- Health: 2 Red Hearts, 1 Soul Heart
- Damage: 3.50
- Move Speed: 1.00
- Shot Speed: 1.35
- Range: 23.75
- Rate of Fire: 8


"Manga is Literature!"

Starting Items
- New active item: Cute Cupcake.
- Trinket: Swallowed Penny.
- Pickups: 1 Coin
- Card: 'XI - Strength'

Chance of firing charm tears (Effected by Luck)

- Health: 2 Red Hearts
- Damage: 3.00
- Move Speed: 1.25
- Shot Speed: 1.25
- Range: 23.75
- Rate of Fire: 10


"The light flickers. I flicker back."

Starting Items
- New active item: 'Portrait of Markov'
- Sacrificial Dagger.

Unquie Interactions with the following items:
- Blood Rights
- Razor Blade

- Health: 3 Red Hearts
- Damage: 3.00
- Move Speed: 0.85
- Shot Speed: 1.25
- Range: 23.75
- Rate of Fire: 10


"Okay, Everyone!"

Starting Items
- Fruit Cake.
- Dataminer.
- School Bag.
- Undefined.
- GB Bug.
- Pickups: 1 Bomb
- Trinket: 'Error'

- Health: 4 Red Hearts
- Damage: 3.50
- Move Speed: 1.00
- Shot Speed: 1.25
- Range: 23.75
- Rate of Fire: 10

Sayori's 'Sayo-nara' Transformation

"Now everyone can be happy."

Option 1
On Death. Resurrect. No Items Required

+ Flight
+ Spectral Tears
+ 1.25 Damage Up
- Gives 1 Soul Heart (All gained Red Hearts removed)
- Fire Rate Decreased
- Removes Depression

Option 2
Requires: Transcendence

+ Flight
+ Spectral Tears
+ Piercing Tears
+ 2.75 Damage Up
- Adds 4 Soul Hearts (All gained Red Hearts removed)
- Removes Sayori's on Death Revival
- Removes Depression

Option 3
Getting Transcendence after dying.

+ Piercing Tears
+ 1.25 Damage Up
+ Adds 1 Soul Heart

Natsuki's 'Play With Me!' Transformation


Requires: Tough Love

+ 1/6 Chance for Fear Shot
+ 2 Black Hearts
+ 1.50 damage.
- Removes Charm shot chance.

Yuri's 'Act 2' Transformation

"Hah... Haaah..."

Requires: Mom's Knife.

+ 3 Soul Hearts
+ 3 Damage
+ Blood Trail. Deals 70% of tears damage per tick.

Monika's 'Just Monika' Transformation

C̶͍͒̊͐̕ą̵̹̋̌n̸̖̟̔ ̶̮̍̋͆y̷̜̟͍̩̿͌͒ó̶̜͇̉̑u̶͉̱̓̌̃͛ ̵̗̻̠̮̆͐͘h̷̛̬͔̹̓̈̚ͅe̸̡͇͂a̸̝͐ͅr̸̯̩͊ ̶̞͖̮͙͌̾͠m̵̬̥̟͝ȅ̴̮?̵̱͊

Requires: The Mind.

+ A random Pick Up will spawn every 75 seconds.
+ Items have a 1/7 chance to spawn every 10 seconds.

Portrait of Markov

'Open your third eye.'

- 4 Room Charge
+ Grants Triple Shot and Homing Tears for 1 room.

(Spawns in Devil Deals and The Libary)

Cute Cupcake


- 4 Room Charge
+ Heals for 1 heart
+ 1.5 Damage up for 1 room.

(Spawns in Treasure Rooms and Boss Rooms)

Note: Each Item is effect by Luck.

Cryptic Poem

'The Ink flows down into a dark puddle'

+ Chance of slowing tears.
+ Chance for Slow and Poison effect for the room when hit.
+ Slow effect trail.

(Spawns in Treasure Rooms and Boss Rooms)

Amy Likes Spiders

And I'm going to tell everyone.

+ Chance to spawn Blue Spiders.

(Spawns in Treasure Rooms and Boss Rooms)

Dear Sunshine

I want breakfast

+ Spawns Breakfast, x1 Golden Key and Golden Bomb.
+ Luck Up.

(Spawns in Treasure Rooms and Boss Rooms)


Her Third Eye is drawing me closer.

+ Tears Up
+ Chance of hoaming tears.
+ 1 Black Heart

(Spawns in Devil Deals)

Crashpunk - Project Lead, Main Sprite Artist and Creator of DDLC Yuri Mod.
Combining Mods, Spriting, Coding, Natsuki's Transformation, Trailer and Steam Workshop Management.

CheapEggnog - Creator of The Binding of Monika Mod.
The original Sprites, Coding, Yuri and Sayori's Transformations.

That Guy - Main Coder and Post-release Mod Improvements.
Coding, Bug Fixing, Spriting, Monika's Transformation and Costume Improvements.

Xalum - Active Items and Coding Support.


Fire Mario Fan - Music.

Cameron - Music. YouTube

Yatboim - Mod Compatibility Fix.

ThatDarnPhil - Playtester.

Reddit User u/LaggyModem. - Coming up with the Portrait of Markov Item idea.

Reddit User u/PrinceVirginya - Tough Love idea for Natsuki.

Special Thanks

Dan Salvato - Creator of Doki Doki Literature Club!

Edmund McMillen - Creator of The Binding of Isaac

Doki Doki Modding Club Discord - Promotion

Doki Doki Blue Skies Discord - Promotion

The Modding of Isaac Discord - General support and feedback.

Jonald Gerald L. Chua - 'Doki Doki Literature Club! 8bit Album'

r/DDLC - For being super friendly and supportive

Kilplix - Got me into DDLC with his stream!


x 55

- (Full credit goes to That Guy, who is responsible for 99% of this patch. You're the best!)

- Monika Transformation!

- 4 New Passive Items!

- Added +500 sprites to make base game items compatible with the Dokis.

- Changed various Costume priorities to better match the Dokis.

- Reworked Transformations.

- 2 New Sound Effects!

- Balance changes.

- Bug fixes.

- Compatibility with External Item Descriptions.

- Monika.

- Now starts with School Bag and Dataminer.

- No longer has Fruit Cake.

- Sayori.

- No longer starts with +0.25 damage

- Improved Transformation (See details below)

- Yuri.

- Now starts with -0.15 Movement Speed

- Transformations.

- Sayori's 'Sayo-nara' Transformation.

- (All credit goes to That Guy. Who coded the entire Transformation changes.)

- Now removes Depression.

- New Option! Requires: Transcendence

- Flight

- Spectral Tears

- Piercing Tears

- 1 Damage Up

- Adds 4 Soul Hearts (All gained Red Hearts removed)

- Removes Sayori's on Death Revival (No extra life)

- Removes Depression

- If already in Sayo-nara form. Transcendence instead gives

- Piercing Tears

- 0.5 Damage Up

- Adds 1 Soul Heart

- Other Changes.

- Added 'Portrait of Markov' and 'Cute Cupcake' to the item pools.

- Cute Cupcake can be found in Treasure Rooms, Shops, Bosses and Beggars

- Portrait of Markov is found in the Libary and Devil Deals.

- Workaround bug fix to stop Dice items removing the Doki's Hair.

- Entering a new room should now bring back the hair.

- Tweaked Monika's Hair Costume Sprite.

- Improved Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri Character Sprites.

- New Character Select Menu.

- Reskinned the Dataminer to Monika's Pen.

- Improved Loading images

- Improved that one Sayori easter egg.

- Minor Sprite Tweaks

- Added 2 New Transformations for Sayori and Natsuki.

- Updated Monika's Sprite.

- Updated Character Select Screen.

- Yuri and Monika No Starting Damage Up.

- Monika now starts with 'Fruit Cake'.

- Monika no longer starts with 'The Empress' Card

- Added over 50 DDLC related Fortunes to the Fortune Teller Machine.

- Added Sound Effects for activating Yuri, Sayori and Natsuki's Transformations.

- Added Yum Heart Sound Effect for Cute Cupcake

- Music Replacement for Game Over and The Library

- New In-Game Secrets

I'm not sure it comes from your mod, but I have black screen problems, and when I remove the DDLC mod, the bugs seem to disappear . . .
Okay guys, did anyone else notice the file hxppy thxughts in the files. In the (real) game before you see sayori in her home at the end of act 1 it shows a picture in the files called hxppy thxughts. its a weird picture of sayori:

In the Issac file 'hxppy thxughts' its basically the same picture just with Isaac.

I like finding secrets, Ok?
i know this mod is for afterbirth+ but... does this mod work for rebirth?
Yuri still creepy? Yep. Monika still... Monika? Yep. Bufftsuki is still a thing? Yep. Sayori still depressed? Yep.
Why does this fit so well with TBOI?
Fits perfectly into Isaac considering what the games are.
That joke with The Hanged Man on Sayori is really great
Still missed potential with transcendence tho
Second DDLC mod is not working, meeh.
June 5, 2018 - 4 months ago

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