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DDLC - The Complete Isaac Mod (Ab+)
Adds All 4 Dokis and 2 new Active Items
Created 11 days ago

Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod.
by Crashpunk, CheapEggnog and Xalum.

This mod combines Crashpunk's 'DDLC Yuri Mod' with CheapEggnog's 'The Binding of Monika'
as well as adding new features and improved sprites!

NOTE: If you subscribed to both the 'DDLC Yuri Mod' and 'The Binding of Monika'. Please Unsubscribe before downloading this mod. It will crash the game otherwise!

- All 4 Playable Dokis!
- 2 New Active Items!
- 1 Yuri Transformation!

- More to come in a future Update.

- Sayori

- 2 Red Hearts, 1 Soul Heart
- Starts with 'The Jar', 'Depression'
- Card - 'XII -The Hanged Man'

- Natsuki

- 2 Red Hearts
- Starts with a new active item 'Cute Cupcake!'
- Trinket: 'Swallowed Penny'
- Card: 'XI - Strength'

- Yuri

- 4 Red Hearts
- Starts with 'Sacrificial Dagger' and a new active item 'Portrait of Markov'

- Yuri's 'Act II' Transformation

- Picking up 'Mom's Knife' gives the player:
+ 2 Soul Hearts
+ 3 Damage

- Monika

- 3 Black Hearts
- Starts with 'Undefined' and 'GB Bug'
- Trinket: 'Error'
- Card: 'III - The Empress'

More Transfomations coming in the future!

'Portrait of Markov'

'Open your third eye...'
- Active Item
- Grants Triple Shot and Homing for 1 room.
- 3 Room Charge
- Exclusive for Yuri. Not available in the Item Pool.

'Cute Cupcake!'

- Active Item
- Heals for 1 heart + 1.5 Damage up for 1 room.
- 3 Room Charge
- Exclusive for Natsuki. Not available in the Item Pool.


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