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Better UI
Changes some icons in the ui.
Created 1 month ago
This mod changes the following:

-Recolored text in some menus [NEW]
-Curse of the lost icon [NEW]
-Active item charge icon sprite. (empty/charged)
-Completion marks. (in game menu/main menu)
-Hud stats.
-Hard mode icon on the pause menu.
-Shop price tags.
-Devil deal heart icons.
-Curse of the blind question mark.
-Keeper's heart icon.
-Boss health icon

Steam Link For The Mod:


Just place the folder inside rar file into "Documents>My Games>The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods"


x 4

- More Screenshots.

- Colored Text!

- Fixed some outlines

This is actually pretty well made! 100% props to you, my eyes can't discern from certain texts properly.
November 2, 2017 - 5 months ago

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