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Basement Guitar Redone
Replaces the guitars in the basement music.
Created 1 year ago
This mod will replace the guitar layer of basement's theme. Guitars are recorded by me, have fun!


Just place the folder inside rar file into "Documents>My Games>The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods"

Steam Link For The Mod:


x 12
lol now i want this mod to swap all music in basement,not only in combat
are you legit playing a guitar irl? you clearly have put in some effort just for one mod that hasnt gotten the attention it needs in my opinion
Yeah i play the guitar, i originally created this for myself because i thought this theme needed more gutiar. After that i decided shared it but yeah it's not that popular
This is a epic mod, man this is amazing, great job!
i don't know actually, probably there's a way but i don't know what it is.
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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