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Andy's Boss Music
Adds in new Music for Boss Battles
Created 5 months ago
Adds in new boss battle music including Mother 4, Kirby, and undertale. and a special Bonus for delirium's Battle

Also "Andy's Boss Music" Has now been Added to the steam workshop!

Basic Boss Fight -

Chest -

Dark Room -

Delirium -

Isaac -

Mom -

Satan -

Womb -


x 18
It's mods like this that don't effect the entire game but makes it so much better. Good Job
I cant get it to work, no matter how much I try to install it
When I put in resources it doesn't do anything.........

hey andy do you mind if i port this over to steam?
the song name is "Battle Against a Hot Foe"
and it's from the Mother 4 soundtrack
June 5, 2018 - 21 days ago

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