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Greed Mode Improved
Greed/Greedier mode special rooms no longer suck!
Created 5 months ago
It has been over a year since I last posted an Isaac mod here, so here is a little gift from me to my fellow supporters who supported me my previous Afterbirth projects!

This is a small project of mine that only took me around 2 hours to make. This mod does not change any waves in Greed Mode/Greedier Mode, but it does improve the item rooms, curse rooms, super secret rooms and shops that can generate on each floor as well as add 4 golden chests in the spawn room of the "Ultra Greed" floor. The tweaks and changes in this mod are pretty minor, so you may not notice some of them on first glance/

-New and mproved shops that replace the old shops
-Item rooms contain more than 1 item each
-Edited item pools
-Improved Super Secret Rooms and Super Secret Room item pools
-Beggars in Greed Mode shops
-Bomb Beggars added to some shops
-Trap Door rooms no longer have enemies in them
-Shops are more varied
-Super Secret Rooms are more varied
-Item Rooms always contains 2 items (Sometimes more)

Over all, this mod just makes Greed mode/Greedier mode funner and fair.

I know that this is a relatively small mod, but I am currently working on two big mods at the moment. One of the mods is a MLP based mod called The Binding Of Luna: Daybreaker and the other mod is nicknamed "The Lazarus Project". I won't spoil anything from either mod, but I might post some previews of my mod projects on my twitter page:

Only for:


x 10
Changes in the works:
-Update for Booster Pack 4
-Edited waves
-No more Cave bosses on the Basement floor
-Coins in the last room of the floor (Trapdoor room)
-Custom waves
-Better Shop floor (Since most of the enemies that spawn tend to be greed/super greed)
-Troll Bomb waves removed and Mulliboom waves on the basement are easier to manage
-Alternate room layouts
-Optional patch to make there be more waves in greedier mode (12 waves [10-12 seconds between them], 2 boss waves, a devil deal wave, and hopefully an optional "sacrificial" wave that only appears in greedier mode and spawns 1 devil deal item and 1 angel item in the room upon completion.)

Changes that are planned, but might not get implemented:
-Possibly an optional void floor with 20 waves, two item rooms, and shop. All waves are boss waves using bosses with their Delirium sprites.
This is a blessing for me cause I just suck at this game lmao
You should edit the waves possibly, you can fix the bullshit waves like mega fatty on first floor.
I completely forgot about that wave. I will be sure to fix that wave in the next update.
June 5, 2018 - 21 days ago

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