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Harder Bosses All Packs (Final Version)
all harder bosses in just one mod
Created 7 days ago
this mod is for you than want that mod but don't want the mod from steam workshop.

this mod is basically all harder bosses in just one mod.

this is the final update of the harder bosses, all bugs was fixed and I will not make harder bosses anymore

if you want the harder bosses (all packs) from steam workshop, link is here:

if you want the harder bosses individually, see the list here:

More Shot Speed to White Pestilence:
Harder Larry Jr:
Harder Dark One:
Harder Blue Baby (Final Boss):
Harder Steven:
Harder Envy and Super Envy:
Harder Super Pride:
Harder Super Lust:
Harder C.H.A.D:
Harder Super Wrath:
Harder Gish:
Harder Greed and Super Greed:
Harder Mr. Fred:
Harder Famine:
Harder Husk and Duke of Flies:
Harder Adversary:
Harder Hollows:
Harder Super Gluttony:
Harder Pin:
Harder Loki:
Harder Lokii:
Harder Monstro 2:
Harder Gurdy Jr:
Harder Gurdy:
Harder Chub:
Harder Gemini:
Harder Triachnid:
Harder Daddy Long Legs:
Faster Death's Horse:
Harder Blastocyst:
Harder Sisters Vis:
Harder Teratoma:
Harder Scolex:
Super Sloth Makes Green Creep:
Harder Wretched:
Harder Forsaken:


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- Fixed a little bug

- last update: more shot speed to little steven

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