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Harder Bosses
all harder bosses in just one mod
Created 2 months ago
this is for you that have all the harder bosses than I posted, but also want to the mods not fill much space.

actually this mod makes all horsemans, sins, super sins, ultra pride and another 35 bosses harder

WARNING: this mod is now incompatible with that mod:

this mod have:

Harder Polycephalus:
Harder Death:
Harder Pestilence:
Harder Monstro:
Harder Pride:
Harder Gluttony:
Harder Ultra Pride:
Harder Wrath:
Harder Conquest:
Harder Lust:
Harder Peep:
Harder Headless Horseman's Head:
Harder Sloth and super Sloth:
Harder Mom:
Harder Mom's Heart and It Lives:
Harder War:
Harder Widow:
More Shot Speed to White Pestilence:
Harder Larry Jr:
Harder Dark One:
Harder Blue Baby (Final Boss):
Harder Steven:
Harder Envy and Super Envy:
Harder Super Pride:
Harder Super Lust:
Harder C.H.A.D:
Harder Super Wrath:
Harder Gish:
Harder Greed and Super Greed:
Harder Mr. Fred:
Harder Famine:
Harder Husk and Duke of Flies:
Harder Adversary:
Harder Hollows:
Harder Super Gluttony:
Harder Pin:
Harder Loki:
Harder Lokii:
Harder Monstro 2:
Harder Gurdy Jr:
Harder Gurdy:
Harder Chub:
Harder Gemini:
Harder Triachnid:
Harder Daddy Long Legs:
Harder Blastocyst:
Harder Sisters Vis:
Harder Teratoma:
Harder Scolex:
Harder Wretched:
Harder Forsaken:

if you have any of the mods above or any harder boss than I posted, delete him

this mod is basically all harder bosses in just one mod.

well, this is all, good night


x 2

- fixed a lot of things

- added harder polycephalus

- added harder death, pestilence and monstro

- changed loki and lokii

- fixed some things


- added harder pride

- super gluttony, super pride and forsaken now shoots with infinity range

- super pride now shoots different

- fixed some little things

- Final Update:

- added harder wrath

- added harder gluttony

- added harder ultra pride

- super wrath is now immune to bombs (this immunity don't work if you have bomb items (dr. fetus, epic fetus, kamikaze, bob's rotten head, etc...)

- super gluttony now shoots 12 fast tears instead of 8 tears x3

- dark one now have less shot speed

- peep now have a little more shot speed

- added harder peep and conquest

- more shot speed to loki and lokii

- Added Harder Headless Horseman's Head

- added harder sloth and super sloth

- fixed some little things

- mom now spawn a nest instead of spider (before was bony spawned instead of spider)

- gish and gurdy don't spawn enemies when dies anymore

- added harder mom

- added harder mom's heart and it lives

- fixed a bug

- blue baby (boss) now have much more shot speed instead of making him shoots only homing tears

- added harder war

- fixed a little thing

- added harder widow

- gurdy now spawn the extra flies better

- Fixed a little bug

- last update: more shot speed to little steven

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