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Pulled Teeth
Let's take all the teeth out of Isaac.
Created 1 year ago


Have you ever thought to yourself, "This game just has too many teeth" and wanted a way to solve that problem? Of course you have! And now its here! This mod removes any trace of teeth from the game for all of your gummy, detoothed needs!

After 10 months of hard work, you can now get rid of all teeth in Isaac with one mod.

This mod removed any trace of teeth from

100+ monsters
All bosses and their delirium forms
Over 400 costumes (regrettably)
All co-op babies
38 items
All achievement Notes
The Opening Custcene
And everything and anything resembling a tooth (Even walls and floors)

This mod completely (visually) changes five items and one trinket:

Monstro's Tooth has been changed to Red Telephone
Tough Love has been changed to Invisible Ink
Toothpicks has been changed to Guitar Pick
Dog tooth has been changed to Wolf Head
Dead Tooth has been changed to Stinky Cheese
Black Tooth has been changed to Outline

Here is the steam workshop version if that works better for your situation:

And please report any missed teeth to the pinned report thread in the above steam link.

Mod created by krowski_nall with the help of Mr. Headcrab


x 15
can we just appreciate how cute having maw of the void looks.
But why though?

this is very epic tho gotta admit
this is disguting but also impressive
the small details make the great works worth it, congratulations
Teeth are for wussies. Only a real man chews with his mangled gums.
I think this mod is some kind of perversion, but hey! Great effort, and those worms look hella funny
Well, it is certainly not teeth, that's for sure.
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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