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The Binding Of The Blue Skin
Isaac Turns from a 5 year old into a Rape Victim
Created 6 months ago
This mod is based off of a game called Forest of Blue Skin
(ブルースキンの森 or Burūsukin no mori) By Zell23/999.
This mod changes the following:
Samson - The Rape Victim
Maggie - "Afanc"
Eve - "Lizard Woman" (which I think it is a goblin)
Lucifer Statue - "Gargoyle"
Isaac (Boss) - Red Dragon Girl
Lumps - "Taiki Residents"
Title Screen
Boomerang - The Rape Victim's Secondary
Check out Zell's Blog:


x 3

- Judas - Old Rape Victim

- Incubus - Black Wolf

- Some items got Resprited

- Some music got added

- (For some reason the title screen music won't work)

I just like to make people feel weird, that's it.
I feel as though most of you either:

A. Didn't read the description OR
B. Are very ignorant

The mod creator isn't sick or insane, whatever Japanese guy who made the source material is. Cheers.
June 5, 2018 - 15 days ago

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