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Light's Item Pack 3
Adds five new and unique items and one trinket.
Created 1 year ago

Light's Items: Pack 3

Light's Items Pack 3 adds five new and unique items and one trinket to The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

The Items:

Fishing Line

'Give it a tug!'
Active item (7 second charge)

Causes tears to stick to walls. When activated Isaac pulls all tears back to him, damaging enemies on the way.
Found in treasure rooms.


'Controllable tears'
Passive Item

Allows Isaac to control his tears.
Found in treasure rooms.

Magnet Buddy

'Oddly Attractive'
Active Item

Gives Isaac a controllable follower that pulls in tears and item. Activating the item freezes the follower in place, increasing the strength of its suction and allows it to pull in enemies.
Found in treasure rooms.

Prescription Meds

'Have you had your pills today?'
Passive Item

Grants all pills an additional positive effect. A list of all additional effects can be seen in the text document in the mod files. Also spawns a random pill on pickup.
Found in shops.


'Hack The Planet'
Passive Item

Grants a chance to shoot backdoor tears which spawn a backdoor on the opposite side of enemies. Hitting an enemy near a backdoor causes it to do bonus damage.
Found in boss rooms.

Challenge Key

'Never afraid of a challenge'

Causes the door to challenge rooms to always be open.

If you want the items to spawn in the starting room change SPAWN_ITEMS_IN_START_ROOM to true on the first line of the main.lua. Additionally, the command 'spawnlightsitems 3' can be written into the console to spawn the items in the current room.

Thanks to steam user PJJLegend for the Challenge Key sprite.


x 13

- Updated Challenge Key sprite. Thanks to PJJLegend for making the sprite.

Yea, in afterbirth it would be cool
very weird the sprites, escaping from the normal pattern of the binding of isaac, but all ok, try simplify the graphics
Yeah. I'm more of a coder than a spriter so they could be improved. Thanks for the feedback though.
June 5, 2018 - 10 months ago

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