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Light's Item Pack
Light's Items Pack adds five new and unique items.
Created 10 days ago

Light's Items

Light's Items Pack adds five new and unique items to The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

The Items:

Broken Candle

'Its wax is damaged'
Passive Item

Adds a chance to shoot flames in all directions upon being hit.
Found in shops.

Eye Drops

'Cry for your enemies'
Passive Item

Adds a chance enemies to begin crying when hitting them with your tears, shooting tears in all directions.
Found in treasure rooms.

Hush's Gaze

'He sees all'
Passive Item

Replaces Isaac's tears with a laser from the sky, similar to the lasers shot by Hush.
Found in angel rooms.

Lil Jacob

'Tiny Sparks'
Passive Item

Gives Isaac a following familiar that shoots lasers at nearby enemies.
Found in treasure rooms.

The Singularity

'Center of the universe'
Active Item (2 charge)

Summons a black hole, pulling in all enemies, tears and projectiles. If a tear or projectile gets too close to the black hole it is absorbed. After a few seconds it explodes, shooting tears in every direction, the damage of which scale with the amount of tears absorbed.
Found in treasure rooms.

If you want the items to spawn in the starting room change SPAWN_ITEMS_IN_START_ROOM to true on the first line of the main.lua. Additionally, the command 'spawnlightsitems 1' can be written into the console to spawn the items in the current room.


x 2

- Fixed a bug causing Eye Drops to not work

- Fixed a bug causing Marked to spawn Hush Gaze

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