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classic music mod for rebirth
replaces the games music with the original soundtrack
Created 12 months ago
this is a rebirth compatible soundtrack mod that replaces the new ost with the original Danny baronowsky soundtrack

notes:to install copy and paste into resources folder, i dont know if it works with dlc because im broke and i cant afford afterbirth.


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I only have vanilla Rebirth, and I've heard that most mods in the Steam workshop only work if you have Afterbirth. I subscribed to at least three mods there with nothing happening. I heard about this site, and came here. Now, I saved the .zip file and copy+paste it into the resource folder. Nothing happened after I booted up the game a couple of times. Here's what it looks like in my folder. Is there something wrong?
This is awesome! Though it kinda gives me bad nostalgia for some reason......
I extracted it to my resources folder and it didn't do anything...
you just need to copy and paste into resources folder
you should try superflomm's mod Pure Classic Music Mod it is meant for afterbirth so it might work better for you, sorry the mod doesn't work for you, i will try to make it work for dlc in the future
Thanks man! Good luck in future modding!
hope you like,please note that this mod was inspired by the classic music mod by superflomm and all tracks belong to danny baronowsky
June 5, 2018 - 5 months ago

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