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LSD Consumable
Turn on + tune in + drop out
Created 5 months ago
It's acid! Take it and freak out. Think your parents are trying to kill you!

This mod adds a consumable with a 1/35 chance to replace cards and runes. Using it will make you see crazy sh*t, man. On top of that, it applies a random boost to every stat except for shot speed, as well as homing rainbow tears.

Stat boost kicks in about a minute after using it, and lasts for about 5 minutes.
^ (Correction) Actual durations are as follows: Comeup - 2 minutes, Peak - 10 minutes, Comedown - 3 minutes. Console commands to control duration coming soon.
Can only be used once per run.

SHOULD be persistent across runs, but let me know if you run into any bugs!

You can spawn it using debug console with the command:
giveitem k55

If you have other card mods installed, it may be k56 or k57.

Also available on Steam workshop:


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I don't have afterbirth plus plz make afterbirth version
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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