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Some Enemies Gets Harder
this mod makes some enemies harder
Created 1 year ago
first of all, if you want the steam workshop version, so, go here:

back to the mod.

MemBrain, Mama Guts, Oob and Black Maw are strong enemies, but they appears almost always alone (or in easy rooms), so, why not make these monsters harder?

MemBrain now shoots homing tears instead of normal tears, shot speed is a little bit increased, and when dies spawn 4 brains instead of 2

Mama Guts now shoots 16 blood tears instead of 8, shot speed is a little bit increased, and when dies spawn 4 guts instead of 2

Oob now leave red creep (that creep damage the player), and when he spawn a brain he will spawn another brain

Black Maw, now leave a trail of SPIDERS, and when he spawns a leach, he will spawn another leach


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When the entities2 file is in resources, the game crashes when trying to load me from the character select to the main game. Any idea why this is? I quite like the concept of this mod, so I'd like to get it to work. Cheers.
June 5, 2018 - 7 months ago

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