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Rainbow Womb
Turns the Blue Womb into the Rainbow Womb
Created 2 years ago
Changes the Blue Womb into the Rainbow Womb.
This effects the floor itself, obstacles, the hush and all his minions!
It just looks cooler...
Even if it looks simple I spent like 6 hours on this :P
But it was fun and i encourage you to create mods yourself! Thanks for checking it out! ^^


x 7
Hi, i have a colored mod in isaac workshop too, can i add this to it, you will get your credit and added to creators list, add me on steam if you accept, thanks
I would love to! Added you on Steam. Thanks for the cooperation!
only one heart nope 2 's that's what you deserve x100
thanks now theirs less blue things like tears, hush, blue womb, the background of Tytytyler and Guilherme's character
Didn't expect such a flattering reaction!
I'm glad you liked it
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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