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Afterbirth+ Expansion Character
Created 2 years ago
A bit of a simple mod from my simple modding skills, The Revenant is a simple character with low health and damage, but with piercing, spectral, high range, and Telekinesis to help avoid taking damage.

Health: 1 Black Heart, 1 Soul Heart
Speed: 1.50
Range: 10
Shot Speed: 1.75
Damage: 2.00
Luck: -1.00
Active Item: Telekinesis
Trinket: Missing Poster

This is my first mod so don't expect much, but I'm working on some new stuff and hope to release more in the future!


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So cool! But what do you think about replace missing poster with Faded Polaroid?
Please tell me how to make a good mod... It's been months since i made one and my first one doesn't even work...
Lytebringer has a great series of videos on modding, so I'd recommend checking him out
I just need help making mods... I watch his videos on youtube... But i don't have afterbirth +... Is there any way to mod without it?
Replying to an old comment
Anyway, You can only change things in Rebirth and afterbirth. Simple things like sprites
afterbirth+ added the modding tools that let us add things like new characters
rebirth modding would be diffrent and less powerful but you can
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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