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The binding of isaac: MoreRooms
A mod that adds more rooms(over)
Created 3 months ago
W.I.P Mod there will be updates
VVVWhats going to be in the modVVV
80 New Item rooms (ADDED)
24 New Item Dungeons rooms (ADDED)
10 New Boss rush rooms (ADDED)
69 New Angel rooms
69 New Devil rooms
20 New Sacrifice room
20 New Arcade rooms
40 New Chest rooms
50 New Isaac/Barren Rooms
20 New Shop rooms
46 New Black Market rooms
And many more(too lazy to type it all)

vvvWhats in the mod currentlyvvv
80 New Item Rooms
24 New Item Dungeons rooms
10 New Boss rush rooms
there will be updates

Nop there wont be updates
i am going to work on a new mod
i ma gona redo this add more rooms but like in few years


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