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The Binding of RIPník
Now you can fight them
Created 11 months ago

The Binding of RIPník is a reskin mod based on OC's of one popular Czech(and Slovak) group of youtubers and friends called RIPník.

The mod changes the view of all the Super Sins, The Horsemen of Apocalypse, Gabriel and Uriel and Mega Satan. Someone may noticed that the skin change was apllyed on the whole Mega Satan battle. That was the intension, I searched for a place where the player can fight all of them at one place, and the Mega Satan battle is perfect for it.

The mod also includes one extra item, which I planned to be way more powerfull than the current one, but it turns out that programming in LUA is way harder than I thought. I promise I will fix it in actualization.

List of used characters:

Mega Satan - Bageta se sušenkami na hrášku

Death - JIRA

Pestilence - Jewel

Famine - Aggy

War - Brick

Super Lust - Snowik

Super Greed - Maya

Super Pride - Ara

Super Sloth - Roxy

Super Envy - Faiwy

Super Gluttony - Ančovička

Super Wrath - Štěp

Fallen Gabriel - Facter SK

Fallen Uriel - Tudeáš de Nacho

And I also have to say Thank you to Jewel and JIRA for helping me with sprites and with the programming of the item.


Please note that this mod is just a beta for now, so if you find any kind of bug or error, let me know in the comments, so I will know on what i should focus.

ALPHA 0.2.0 - Items update
Added reskin for some items, I will list them later.


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- ALPHA 0.2.0 - Items update

- Added reskin for some items, I will list them later.

June 5, 2018 - 4 months ago

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