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A better Monstro's Tooth?
....Well, that's debateable
Created 2 years ago

A better Monstro's Tooth?

Monstro's Tooth has always been one of the more crappier unlocks in the game, along the likes of (normal) butter bean and Lemon Mishap...
So I decided to make something to give a little spice to the item, and to work away some things that made me always turn away from it after remembering it IS indeed an item in the game...

So what are the general changes?

- For starters: Monstro doesn't lock on to the player after he used MT on an empty room anymore, wich was always unavoidable damage
-Seconds: Monstro now targets bosses before regular enemies
-Thirds: the damage of Monstro is a little more (about 33% more) and it now affects restock boxes, donation machines, slots, secret rooms, etc...., so he can be used as an all-around tool in empty rooms
-Fourths: on damage to isaac, it only takes away half-a-heart on hit! (used to be a full)
-Fifths: Bombsynergies


Yes. As I said, I wanted to give a little more spice to the item, so I decided to add in some neat effects if Isaac has special bomb-type items on him.
Items like: Hotbombs, Bomberboy, Mr.Mega, Glitterbombs, Sad bombs, Scatter bombs (and even Sticky bombs!) all add a new neat effect to Monstro
If I recall correctly the only special bomb-type items I didn't do anything for were Homing-bombs and Faster bombs, for wich I felt it would have made little sense (or little purpose) when given an synergy.

So anyway, this is my first mod where I put a decent amount of time in. I would love some feedback on what you people out there think about it and if it's got any bugs or w/e. I did playtest most of it though, so it should normally just work...


x 11

- Fixed the bob's curse synergy, hopefully for the last time

- Instead of setting the new MT effects under a new item, they're now activated if you got the original Monstro's Tooth

- Changes: - Changed name to Monstros Tooth+

- Removed original Monstros Tooth from the itempools

- Fixed a bug with the Bob's curse synergy

I've been trying to make a mod for more than 4 months...
Yeah, the only thing is that i DON'T have the thing that gets mods, Antibirth... (Or was it Afterbirth plus where you can download mods?)
what do u mean by "thing that gets mods" u mean modding tools?
I mean like i don't have antibirth to download mods...
u dont need antibirth to download mods?
I need afterbirth +to download mods and to make one. if i dont have afterbirth +, I will not be able to edit and test my mod.
u can still mod u dont need afterbirth+ u can use the modding tools
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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