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Afterbirth+ Save Editor v1.0
Edit your save files in Afterbirth+
Created 8 months ago
This is a work-in-progress Savefile Editor for Afterbirth+. The main thought was, that I wanted to copy my progress from the Nintendo Switch version to the PC version. I found the Afterbirth savefile editor, which obviously only worked for Afterbirth, took it's source code (which he happily put up to download) and edited it so it would work for Afterbirth+.

Editor for Afterbirth

It is aswell, Windows-only, should work with Steam Cloud and offline saves, can edit the Note-marks, values like Mom Kills, Secrets, Challenges, Items, defeated Bosses and unlocked Seeds (except for Afterbirth+ seeds)

How to use it:
1. Create all three savefiles (Start a run in each, until the "Continue" button appears)
2. Close Afterbirth+ and open the Editor
3. Click on "Auto-Load" (Or search your Steam Cloud folder with the Manual Load)
4. Change the Savefile you want to Edit at the top left "Current Save"
5. Edit the savefile how you like it
6. Hit "Save Current File"
7. Start Afterbirth+ and enjoy!

Known Errors:
-Greed Donations and the number of cleared Floors don't work
-Bosses added with Afterbirth+ are mixed up
-Afterbirth+ Special Seeds not added


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Will this be updated for the booster packs?
After it telling me that it had an error twice (i ignored it) it worked, and now I have all the things.
After it telling me that it had an error twice (i ignored it) it worked, and now I have all the things.
Does anyone know why the Steam achievements do not unlock after save editing correctly? The game opens to my edited save files, but Steam doesn't recognize the achievements.
help,my saves that i edit won't save.
And it just stays the same.
it won't save the edits i made to my game save.
ATTENTION if you can't open the .rar simply download winrar *facepalm*
Afterbirth+ Save Editor v1.0 does not work for me, it always says ''savefile number 2 does not exist''
u sure that u created all 3 savefiles first as mentioned above?
Afterbirth Save Editor that is a good one I can open it normaly but why cant the ab+ mod be an ,rar file
i meant why cant it open like the ab one
This website restricts me uploading only .zip, .7z and .rar files. Just get a free tool to open .rar files (like WinRAR) and unpack the .exe inside the .rar
plzmake it an application I cant open .rar files
June 5, 2018 - 17 days ago

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