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The Binding of Linkin Park (Music Mod)
Replaces all music in game
Created 12 months ago
This mod changes all music in Binding of Isaac to instrumental Linkin Park songs

(I do NOT own any rights to any songs in this mod, all rights goes to the original creator, Linkin Park.)
(disclaimer: Some music may be edited)

The list of songs in game:

Basement - Hit The Floor
Cellar - Figure.09
Burning Basement - One Step Closer

Caves - Paper Cut
Catacombs - Lying from You
Flooded Caves - Until it's Gone

Depths - Don't Stay
Necropolis - Points of Authority
Dank Depths - Guilty All the Same
Mom Fight - Qwerty

The Womb - Numb (No Guitar)
Utero - Numb (No Guitar)
Scarred Womb - Wastelands
Womb Fight - Numb

??? - Session
Hush Fight - Given Up

Cathedral - My December
Isaac Fight - High Voltage
Sheol - War
Satan - Key to the Kingdom

The Chest - No More Sorrow
??? Fight - Wretches and Kings
Dark Room - Rebellion
Lamb Fight - When They Come for Me
Mega Satan - Key to the Kingdom

Void - New Divine
Void Fight - Skin to Bone

Library - Nobody's Listening
Store - Shadow of the Day
Secret - Waiting for the End
Arcade Room - Enth E ND
Angel Rooms - Fallout
Deal With the Devil - The Summoning
Challenge Room - A Light that Never Comes Back

Boss Fight - Forgotten
Boss Fight Alt - All for Nothing
The Calm - One More Light
Greed Fight - Rebellion

Main Menu - Wth.You
Death - One More Light

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this is the best music mod of all time thank the maker i could kiss u right now, i needed this in my life i am eternally grateful, bless you
June 5, 2018 - 4 months ago

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