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Save Isaac AFTERBIRTH+ 3000%
all the game finish
Created 5 months ago

1) open your "C:" folder
2) open the folder "Programms (x86)" or "Programs (x64)"
3) open the folder "Steam"
4) open the folder "userdata"
5) open the folder with the random number
6) open the folder "250900"
7) open the folder "remote"
8) replace the downloaded file with the existing file
9) start you game
10) go to you first game state
11) go to "stats"
12) go to "secrets"
13) You should now get all the achievements and you can play!


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I dont really know,but ask the dev maybe?
Isso simplesmente deletou meu save do Rebirth e do Antibirth! Por que? (;-;)
Well It's not really 3000000% save but I got all achievements.
November 2, 2017 - 4 months ago

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