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Boss Capture AfterBirth+
The original author never posted an AB+ version, so here I am!
Created 10 days ago
Hey If this mod is reported for plagiarism, you will get no more
of AB+ Boss Capture!

So I'm 13, and I was playing boss capture, it was a fun mod, thanks @HarlockJC@HarlockJC, but he never made a AB+ version. I was frustrated, So I started to mod myself, I want to make boss capture without HarlockJC, so I started to look up for info.

After days of tries, I finally made it! after changing a simple boss = 1 to 0!!!! 144 times!!!!!

Btw I don't know how Costume2 Works so If you capture and release a target they won't have a heart thing above them

Sorrrrreeee, I'll try to fix it.


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January 20, 2017 - 7 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.