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The Binding of Melee
Stop crying, start 'fly'ing
Created 1 year ago

de byndin ov mailei

Are you tired of forcing up tears just to kill a fly? Well, force no more with this mod!

What it does

Basically, all it does is give Isaac 15 Forever Alones to start with. That's it.


Drag and drop the players.xml file into your game's resources folder to use this mod!

Have any problems? Comment them below and I'll try my best to fix them! (I also accept questions}


Character Tweaking: @16


24/9/18 - 5 Hearts!
19/9/17 - Front Page!
50 Coins!
20 Coins!
10 Coins!
5 Coins!
Seal Of Approval!


x 21

- Zip now also contains a infinite item charge mod. You can check that out here: [mod]33[/mod]

why does the map in the screenshot look like a di*k?
I have changed the screenshot.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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