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AlterTweaks - Devil's Reliquary
Reskins 7 items from the Devil Room item pool that are symbols.
Created 1 year ago
This mod is a simple graphic rehaul mod that seeks to add consistency and flair to the seven symbol-based item sprites from the Devil Room item pool. Some items have received only minor adjustments, such as outline fixes and color changes. However, other items have some more significant changes, as you will see when playing the game with this mod active.

Notable changes:
The Mark - The “Mark of the Beast” has been given a similar treatment to Brimstone and Spirit of the Night, in that it is now a black symbol with red outlines. Three red blobs have also been added for effect.
Brimstone - The lines of the “Leviathan Cross” are now more accentuated at their ends, and the size of the “infinity loop” at the bottom is now larger.
Whore of Babylon - The star in the symbol has been adjusted in placement, and the outlines have been fixed.
Spirit of the Night - Nothing major has changed about this item’s sprite; only the color has been changed to match the others.
Abaddon - The pentagram and circle have been thickened, and the symbol has received a lighter, thicker outline.
Maw of the Void - Similar to the Mark, the symbol is now black with red outlines, while also receiving a rather noticeable change in shape.
Lord of the Pit - The symbol is now a Broken Cross, or a Nero Cross.

Have any suggestions for any other items similar to these 7 that should get some tweaks? Please let me know in the comments section down below. Thanks!

- xKindredKinesis, your angle or your devil


x 24

- Added a sprite for Cambion Conception, which has been given a similar treatment as Brimstone and Spirit of the Night

I only have afterbirth can I still use it by any chance?
My fav is the Abaddon mark, big improvment
Cool, it's been a long time without seeing some great mod in this page, good job!
Thank you! I'll try my hardest to make mods that are of similar quality.
This is really good i love the new sprites
June 5, 2018 - 4 months ago

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