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Custom Challenge: The hive
Can you beat this challenge with an army of flies?
Created 12 months ago
Okay, this is my first mod: a custom challenge!
Basically, you have every single item in the "Beelzebub" transformation to start out, and with it, flying. You're also blindfolded, there's no treasure rooms, and you need to use your army of flies to deal damage. Try to see if you can beat Mega Satan with this build. Good luck! (you'll probably need it.)


x 1

- changed the xml file. You should actually be able to do the challenge now.

- changed folder.... again...

- changed folder

how to do you get this to work i put it in my afterbirth+ mods folder then i went into the game iy showed the mod the hive but it was not in my custom challenges
Well, strangely enough I don't know how to do it myself. I may update it later
Alright. I got it working. Extract the new file to your afterbirth+ mods folder, and you should be good to go! Have fun with your army of flies!
June 5, 2018 - 15 days ago

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