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Dark Souls/Bloodborne Music Pack
In case you need some more chanting in your life
Created 8 months ago
This music pack replaces all music in the game with appropriate songs from the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne, all looped to constantly repeat. The dark orchestral songs work surprisingly well.

Installation Instructions(Afterbirth+)
Navigate to Steam/steamapps/common/TBoIR/tools. Use the ResourceExtractor tool in its appropriate folder. After this, go to TBoIR/resources. Delete the music folder and packed folder. It is important that the packed folder is deleted or it will overwrite the custom soundtrack. Replace the music folder with the music folder handily present in the zip file download.

Installation Instructions(Others)
Place the music folder next to the packed folder in TBoIR/resources.

Track Listing:
Menu: Bloodborne - Bloodborne
Basement: Bloodborne - Amygdala
Cellar: Bloodborne - Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Burning Basement: Bloodborne - Ludwig, the Holy Blade
Caves: Bloodborne - Celestial Emissary
Catacombs: Bloodborne - Darkbeast
Flooded Caves: Dark Souls 3 - Abyss Watchers
Depths: Bloodborne - The One Reborn
Necropolis: Bloodborne - Cleric Beast
Dank Depths: Bloodborne - Ludwig the Accursed
Womb: Dark Souls 3 - Old Demon King
Scarred Womb: Dark Souls 3 - Crystal Sage
Blue Womb: Bloodborne - Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
Cathedral: Dark Souls 3 - Pontiff Sulyvahn
Sheol: Dark Souls 3 - Deacons of the Deep
Chest: Bloodborne - Living Failures
Dark Room: Dark Souls 3 - High Lord Wolnir

Boss: Bloodborne - Father Gascoigne
Boss Alt: Dark Souls 2 - Old Dragonslayer
Ambush: Dark Souls 2 - Burnt Ivory King
Mom: Dark Souls 3 - Iudex Gundyr
It Lives: Dark Souls 3 - Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
Satan: Dark Souls 3 - Yhorm the Giant
Isaac: Dark Souls - Ornstein & Smough
The Lamb: Bloodborne - Moon Presence
???: Dark Souls 3 - Twin Princes
Hush: Dark Souls 3 - Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Ultra Greed: Dark Souls 3 - Dragonslayer Armour

Secret Room: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
Calm: Bloodborne - Orphan of Kos
Shop: Bloodborne - Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Arcade: Bloodborne - Lullaby for Mergo
Library: Dark Souls 3 - Dancer of the Boreal Valley
Angel Room: Bloodborne - Moonlit Melody
Devil Room: Bloodborne - Hail the Nightmare
Death: Dark Souls 3 - Secret Betrayal
Credits: Dark Souls 3 - Oceiros, the Consumed King

Void: Dark Souls 3 - Soul of Cinder
Delirium: Bloodborne - Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos


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tHIS CHANGED MY LIFE, and my gameplay. AWESOME
really neat, i always like having multiple pallets of sound for my boi isaac Ɛ>
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