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Vault Boy!
Brings Vault-Tec's mascot into your Binding of Isaac game!
Created 12 months ago
Vault-Tec is here to bring to you their mascot 'Vault Boy' into one of your favorite games!

Vault boy is a character from the Fallout franchise, owned by Bethesda.

Vault Boy starts with 4 red hearts and the Gamekid item. This is a standalone character, it does not replace anyone.

I've never seen a Fallout mod for Isaac, and so I made a simple mod to make it happen!
If there are any bugs or requests, please comment below. I appreciate any support. This is my first Isaac mod

NOTE: There are no new sprites for the boss intros and transition screens, but they will be added soon.


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doesnt seem to work please make a tutorial
Hi! How do I add the character? I cant find a good tutorial on youtube
good for what it is. vault boy approves.
June 5, 2018 - 15 days ago

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