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The Binding of Meat boy
Play as Meat boy!
Created 10 months ago
Special Stats
-4 hearts
-Ball of Bandages
*Yes there is one meat boy mod around here but it is not intended for general use. I made this from scratch in my own style to be the perfect meat boy look. And its my first mod! Made for general use.


x 3

- Added new title screen

- Added the missing Meat boy font files.

- More Characters are to be added in the future..

Hello Creator, I would like what would you put meat boy tooth shot
can u put bandege girls as maggie and fetus as eee... i dont really know but is a trick
Yeah they are coming in the next update, gfx usually take time to make especially since I'm semi working on another mod.
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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