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Metro Lab
Easy way to get items!
Created 9 months ago
For newbies and pros that are to lazy to collect it in the normal way.

You got to < Right Click > the file and it should say ( Extract Files... ) click that.

Then it should say inside the file ~> Gfx, Rooms, and Players <~

Steps 1 - 7

1: Go to [ Program Files ( x86 ) ]

2: Press S until you get to the [ Steam ] file

3: Press S until you get to [ Steamapps ] file

4: Click [ Common ]

5: Click [ The Binding Of Isaac ]

6: Click [ Resources ]

7: Then Put the WHOLE FILE In there

Start a new game then that's all


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Does the file need to be in a file label "metro labs" or what? Not all zip programs extra to a folder that the zip is labeled as but rather extras all the files inside.
The mod doesnt work anymore from what i can see i followed the install steps and no luck
great mod but it doesn't let u go to next floors
go to steam turn off ab+ and then go back and play
it doesnt work for ab+ just ab
i already had the ab version and thought this was an upgrade to ab+ but if i put the files in resources the game crashes when i start a run and in AB+ mods folder it doesnt do anything
sry its actually crashes in mod folder and does nothing in resources
Did you do the steps right?

If you have a mod in already it will sometimes not work.
Do you have lots of mods inside the [ Resource ] File?
Yes it work on afterbirth and afterbirth +
thanks i didn't want to download something that would break my game.
November 2, 2017 - 5 months ago

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