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Divide and Conquer
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Created 2 years ago
A brand new challenge has appeared in the basement!

In this challenge, you start blindfolded with Potato Peeler, SMB Super Fan, Rotten Baby, and Maggy's Faith. There are no item rooms, and your goal is to defeat Isaac.

The focus of this challenge is to manage your red hearts effectively in order to cut yourself up into an army of bloodthirsty meat men to do your bidding! Beware, however, as consuming your health too quickly will leave you weak and unable to take much damage.


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I recommend you get it! Although it lacks a bit in main-game content, the mod support and occasional booster pack make it worth it.
Nope, there's actually a lot of negativity towards afterbirth +, I say he is fine with afterbirth. Its not worth the money to get an update for re-used content, damage chests, one new character and the workshop since mods have been a thing long before that.
Thing is, you can do far less things with Afterbirth modding than you can with Afterbirth+.
Still not worth it, modded bosses and scripted characters are never really fully balanced anyway. I took a tour on all the workshop mods, most of em were pretty bad. Or just downright unbalanced. I mean, I made a character mod, but I only changed it a tiny bit from Isaac for balance. Then you take characters like the locked and you are like "oh". Anti-birth took a lot of effort but most of the bosses there were either bullet hell bosses or they did not fit in with the Binding of Isaac at all.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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