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Completion Pins
Turns those old completion mark scribbles into colorful pins!
Created 22 days ago
This mod changes the Normal and Hard Mode variants of completion marks into more colorful symbols, as if they were pins instead of pencil scribbles.

These pins replace the old completion marks for both the character selection screen, and the pause screen.

Normal Mode completion pins are grayed-out, while Hard Mode completion pins are in full-color.

Notable changes:
The completion pin for Boss Rush has been changed from a star icon to a clock.
The completion pins for Isaac and Satan now have miniature wings/horns respectively.
The completion pin for defeating Mega Satan is now a pentagram instead of a Leviathan Cross symbol.

If you have any suggestions for changes that would improve this mod, let me know in the comments.

- xKindredKinesis, who spent about 4 hours working on this mod


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these WOULD look cool if i had marks!
Any ideas for a Delirium change? Maybe it could make the paper more fancy or something.

Also, I would love to see a screenshot of the Normal Mode pins.
I'll give it a try!
Also, I unfortunately don't have a character with only Normal Mode completion marks, so I can't show you a live example. I can, however, show how they look stand-alone.

Here they are!
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