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[SoundTracks] Baptism Of Demon
New Full OST
Created 10 months ago

The previous version of mod was so long that even the folder with the modem was broken and update was not possible so it will be a new mod ;)

This is a soundtrack that will be in the modification of THE BAPTISM OF DEMON which will come out sometime in 2018/2019 so a bit of time was left, and because the soundtracks are already done then why would not they publish it?

$atan 666 - Satan Fight by Ridiculon
Abandon V3 - delirum fight by Tripwire Interactive
Ventricide - aboush ♥♥♥♥! WHO MAKE IT????
Ascende - cathedral by Half Pixel
Lazarus Combat - womb fight by Mick Gordon
The Clubbing of Isaac - womb/uthero by duffskate's channel
you nightmare - ??? fight by Revtrapin
ANTELUCEM - necropholis by Marty FlyMac
cerebrum dispersio - boss fhght 2 ♥♥♥♥! WHO MAKE IT??
chapel - angel room by lung?
Seraph 2.0 - Isaac Fight by Lung + Revtrapin
Crusade - basic boss fight by NoteBlock
Everlasting Hymn Remix - the chest by PirateBirdXBA Music
FieryNugget - scared womb by FieryNugget
the hive 3.1 - dark room by Hodor (KiCk3R)
story time - menu by by Tripwire Interactive
Burst - depths by by Tripwire Interactive
Isaac Carnival - caves by Zip Zipper
Hush - blue womb by by Tripwire Interactive
Repentant - flooded caves by Salavander
Jesus love me - isaac figh by edmund mcmillen
ChronoTriggerSNES - dead by lionel richie
Super Meat Boy - ultra greed fight by Edmund Mcmillen
LOCUS BONU$ - hush fight by Marty FlyMac
[NO NAME] - burning basment by AHmusic
Titan Battle - lamb fight by Eclipse Sounds
hush fight - LOCUS by Marty FlyMac
Pena (REMIX MOD) - Cellar by MIDI
pulso profundum remix - dank depths by MIDI
Legendav Greed - shop by Legendav
Ridiculon - sheol by Marty FlyMac
Sacrificial [small remix] - basment by by Ferdk
Soldiers - mom's fight by Midset
Trap Bootleg - catacumbs by That's Mr. DJ Coop
unseenhorrors - devil room by lung
old Library - Library by Revtrapin + Murray Gold
legends of bumbo - secret room by Edmund Mcmillen
Ridiculon - void by Edmunt McMiler
Interlude - end boss fight by Chromacle
SAVE MEee - credits by Revtrapin
Isolation - dead by Lucas King
Remastered 2.0 - arcade by Revtrapin


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