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[SoundTracks] Baptism Of Demon
New Full OST
Created 2 years ago

The previous version of mod was so long that even the folder with the modem was broken and update was not possible so it will be a new mod ;)

This is a soundtrack that will be in the modification of THE BAPTISM OF DEMON which will come out sometime in 2018/2019 so a bit of time was left, and because the soundtracks are already done then why would not they publish it?

$atan 666 - Satan Fight by Ridiculon
Abandon V3 - delirum fight by Tripwire Interactive
Ventricide - aboush ♥♥♥♥! WHO MAKE IT????
Ascende - cathedral by Half Pixel
Lazarus Combat - womb fight by Mick Gordon
The Clubbing of Isaac - womb/uthero by duffskate's channel
you nightmare - ??? fight by Revtrapin
ANTELUCEM - necropholis by Marty FlyMac
cerebrum dispersio - boss fhght 2 ♥♥♥♥! WHO MAKE IT??
chapel - angel room by lung?
Seraph 2.0 - Isaac Fight by Lung + Revtrapin
Crusade - basic boss fight by NoteBlock
Everlasting Hymn Remix - the chest by PirateBirdXBA Music
FieryNugget - scared womb by FieryNugget
the hive 3.1 - dark room by Hodor (KiCk3R)
story time - menu by by Tripwire Interactive
Burst - depths by by Tripwire Interactive
Isaac Carnival - caves by Zip Zipper
Hush - blue womb by by Tripwire Interactive
Repentant - flooded caves by Salavander
Jesus love me - isaac figh by edmund mcmillen
ChronoTriggerSNES - dead by lionel richie
Super Meat Boy - ultra greed fight by Edmund Mcmillen
LOCUS BONU$ - hush fight by Marty FlyMac
[NO NAME] - burning basment by AHmusic
Titan Battle - lamb fight by Eclipse Sounds
hush fight - LOCUS by Marty FlyMac
Pena (REMIX MOD) - Cellar by MIDI
pulso profundum remix - dank depths by MIDI
Legendav Greed - shop by Legendav
Ridiculon - sheol by Marty FlyMac
Sacrificial [small remix] - basment by by Ferdk
Soldiers - mom's fight by Midset
Trap Bootleg - catacumbs by That's Mr. DJ Coop
unseenhorrors - devil room by lung
old Library - Library by Revtrapin + Murray Gold
legends of bumbo - secret room by Edmund Mcmillen
Ridiculon - void by Edmunt McMiler
Interlude - end boss fight by Chromacle
SAVE MEee - credits by Revtrapin
Isolation - dead by Lucas King
Remastered 2.0 - arcade by Revtrapin


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June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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