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Another Graphical Overhaul
Another mod seeking to improve the game's visuals
Created 1 year ago
For years, there have been things that have bothered me about Isaac. It's mostly small stuff, but it's there, and I've finally decided to go out and fix it. Here is the result of my work, as well as the work of many others (all used with permission), combined into one convient mod.

-Screenshots are coming soon

Better Diamond Tears by /u/magnificentvincent
More Backdrop Variants, Expressive Key Beggar, Improved Envy and More Fortunes by Piper20
Fixed Super Lust by steven
The Keeper Now Wears a Noose by Jablano Jablano
jumping ministro by yatboim
Reshade by /u/NintendoFan37
Alt Title Screen by Bosphoramus, based on art by /u/NotYourSagittarius
Minomutchi's Graphical Tweaks, Darker Devil Deal Items, Prettier Ultra Greedier by Minomutchi
Big Horn Portrait Redone by /u/BlorengeRhymes
Fixed Pits by BeGrapa
Cricket's Body Retexture by 989fox989
Afterbirth Improved by Fire8TheBlade
DoomZero's Visual Improvement Mods v2.0 by DoomZero
Visible Flies, and The Thing but (less) lazy by stewartisme
Enhanced Item GFX and Clean Loading Images by Super-Colliding Super Button
Updated HP Item Icons by ned_ballad
Different Looking Portal by HappyHead
Better Enemy Varient Sprites by Jesse4060 and DaminOver
The Devil Statue +, Angelic Angel Room Doors, and Devilish Devil Doors by A Modder
Alternate item sprites by TheShadyOne
Teh Lost! by Pika and /u/NotYourSagittarius
Fixed completion widget by Axelgrey
Beta Arcade Graphics by Vojife
Better Health by Zelophobic Zoroark
florian by steven
Touched Up Sprites by /u/Eye_Sakk
Improved Narrator by electoon
Rainbow Poop+ by etegiwg
Lightbeam Improvement by O_o
Red Ending Chest in Sheol by NeoDement
The Void - Music Fix by Rai
Revisited Title Screen - Logo only by Shinoaru
And a special thanks to NotYourSagittarius for inspiring many of the changes


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Can you message me (via Steam) screenshots of proof that you have permission to use these mods?
I'll send it to you on steam as well when you accept my request, but for anyone else wanting the proof:
June 5, 2018 - 5 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.