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The Seven Virtues
Seven items, seven trinkets and a playable character!
Created 5 months ago
Adds the 7 Heavenly Virtues to the game as passive items!
- Faith (Angel/Treasure)
- Hope (Angel/Treasure)
- Fortitude (Angel/Treasure)
- Charity (Angel/Beggar)
- Temperance (Angel/Beggar)
- Prudence (Angel/Beggar)
- Justice (Angel/Beggar)

Adds the 7 Contrary Virtues to the game as trinkets!
- Humility
- Kindness
- Abstinence
- Chastity
- Patience
- Generosity
- Diligence
These trinkets will always show up in Angel Rooms without any items.

Adds Job, a playable character to the game!
- Starts with a Heavenly Virtue passive and a Contrary Virtue trinket
- Has a 0.95x damage multiplier
- Has 0.9 base speed

For a full overview on what every passive and trinket does, here is a spoilerlist:


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idk if its for afterbirth
but ill test is
Mods that add items are exclusive for Afterbirth+ because Afterbirth doesn't support Lua modding
Is it compatible for Afterbirth ?
January 20, 2017 - 9 months ago

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