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Valkyrie mod
Created 2 years ago
Just the valkyrie from "The battle cats", also includes a reskin for the Spear of Destiny. The mod isn't fully complete.
Es simplemente un mod grafico con la valquiria de "The battle cats", tambien include un reskin para la Lanza del Destino (Spear of Destiny).


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If this is an afterbirth+ mod, please can you put it on steam workshop as well if possible? Thanks in advance.
A friend of mine, make a better version of this, not sure when he is going to upload it
Thanks for the response! Alright, i'll look forward to it
It's already out, check out my profile's workshop, there you can find it.
Thanks m8 (LEL this modpage it's dead why you still here xd??
because im trying to make my game a fun, modded experience lol
i dont own afterbirth+. i'm pretty sad, i'll probably never be able to get it.
Oh... what a shame... sorry m8
What inspired you to make this mod? Like besides battle cats what gave you the idea to make it?
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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