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The Messenger
Adds The Messenger, a new mechanical boss!
Created 4 months ago
Adds a new boss: The Messenger!

The Messenger is a mechanical boss that can appear in the early floors. The fight is centered around four TV screens on the walls. The boss can only be damaged by shooting a screen that displays a color or pattern matching the large central structure.

By default, this boss has a 5% chance to appear on a chapter 2 floor, replacing the boss that was supposed to spawn. The spawn rate, spawn floor, stats, and attack details for The Messenger can be configured using the OptionsMod menu.

Spritework for the main body was done by Spearkiller.

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Demonstration Video:


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This is actually really creative! However, I think that you should replace those brimstone lasers with those static technology lasers, and make it look a little more isaac styled (also make it mildy harder).
its just not in the tboi style, maybe you could add some rust to it, and blood and guts
"Add rust to it"
Good idea.
"and blood and guts"
Computers don't bleed.
well sorta like its killed other poeple, or its been in the basement and all the monsters got stuff on it, i was just making ideas
So, computers doesn't bleed, but when it attack - it can attack you with blood?
it's great, but there is a black line in-game that looks pretty bad, please fix it
well, 3 or 2 black lines, actually you can see them in the images from this page
Honestly, I'm not sure what is causing that. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll see if I can fix it.
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