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The Gayification of Pride: Gaybirth Plus
A re-skin of Super Pride, turned into Gay Pride.
Created 1 year ago
You've seen Pride.
You've seen Super Pride.
You've even seen Ultra Pride.

But have you ever seen... Gay Pride?

Long story short, this mod makes Super Pride, super gay. Nothing else really changes, besides that. It's the mod you always needed, but never wanted. Kinda like some god damn exercise.

Also, I think this should be obvious, but just to be sure:
No homophobia is intended whatsoever.
This mod is not pandering to the LGBT community, nor is it even close to justifying or making fun of hatred towards gay people.

TL;DR Just enjoy the damn mod, and if Hutts sees this, tell him I said he's gay too.

- xKindredKinesis, a self-loathing pile of rainbow poop


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June 5, 2018 - 15 days ago

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