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The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Italian
The first and only Translation in italian.
Created 5 months ago

La prima ed unica mod funzionante che traduce il gioco completamente in italiano.

- Traduzione di tutti e 525 gli oggetti, 123 Trinket, carte e Rune in gioco, inclusi afterbirth+ e tutti i boosterpacks IN ITALIANO!
- Menù in italiano
---- Grafiche dei Boss in italiano
---- Tutte le schermate tradotte
---- Piani e maledizioni tradotte
---- e molto altro

-- External Item Descriptions Italian (Descrizioni in italiano di tutti gli oggetti in game!) --

-- --


x 6

- Bug Fix al menù di selezione dei personaggi

- Aggiunti oggetti del Booster Pack #3

- Aggiunti gli item ed i trinket del Booster Pack #2

a me è bastato copiare e incollare la cartella su documenti/my games/afterbirth+ mod e funziona perfettamente
what is the mod you used to get everything in the start?
could you send me the link for the download pls
I think it was removed, because it is no longer present on steam.
thx for the help and i like the fact that you spent time on this for those Italians out there
Thx for the feedback
I am happy to see a community likes the work we are doing to make this beautiful game enjoyable even for Italian users who do not know English.
January 20, 2017 - 8 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.