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The Binding Of Soy Sauce
If you like sauce, I think this SAUCY SAUCE of a gun suits you!
Created 9 months ago
Sauce, sauce, and sauce. What more could you ever want?

Added in Beta V1.1:

-The mod itself
-Dank character models
-Plenty of hours that fills you with enjoyment

Creator: NachoBror (Nacho Brotha')


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Boost Pack Material Right Here.
really, I gotta give props, this mod, like wow, dearlordy is it hilarious, it even got recognition from a youtuber Cough cough hutts cough cough. so we can make this better, update it to add more things like characters other than Isaac (soy sauce (or sus, whatever)
so keep the good work up
I enjoy the creativity in this mod but I think that adding more characters like this would make a truly enjoyable mod
10/10 would make a creative joke here again
November 2, 2017 - 3 months ago

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