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The Psycho
He wants their blood!
Created 10 months ago
"The Psycho" Has Appeared In The Basement!

The Psycho is a whole new character,
He has got a knife and some bombs as a nice present, just for the monsters in The Basement! He likes blood, so when he smells enough blood, he'll get a little more agressive...


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how on earth do u install .rar mods. I'm on windows 10 please help!
any potential way you could port this to afterbirth, i like the concept but even though i have afterbirth + it'll mess with some mods i have that I like
It is portedto Afterbirth! I dont know why it messes with your other mods tho...
I didn't know how much I needed this until I found it. Wonderful!
I got afterbirth+ today, is this for pros?\
Well, anyone can play, although you need to unlock mom's knife first!
wow. Seems op. Is it rebirth or afterbirth?
It's Afterbirth+. Also, it isn't that OP, you'll see it when you play ;)
I think hutts will play this. It would be so cool if he did
November 2, 2017 - 4 months ago

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