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Eternal Hearts --> Golden Hearts
matches the one on this site!
Created 4 years ago
This mod transforms halved Eternal hearts into full Golden hearts. Collecting two adds another heart onto your health bar.

Thought it'd be cute to have this in the game because the color of it looks so nice.


x 24

- half-heart on the ui is now a whole heart

This mod contains:
This may get a bit confusing with Gold Hearts being a thing in the game. Then again, the Gold Hearts look nice.
What program did you use to make the hearts?
Implying the heart on the sites icon isn't orange.
In fact it is not orange, and is golden!
How do you have golden light shining on your icon? It seems as if your someone special (or something :P)
A variant for golden spirit hearts would be much appreciated.
sounds cool! 'o' i though it fit better for the eternal hearts but i'll get on that!
i'm unsure why screenshots won't show up. but the mod is functioning; sorry about that guys
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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