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Play as Samael: The vengeful fallen angel of death!
Created 22 days ago

This mod adds a new character, Samael: the vengeful fallen angel of death.

Attack enemies by slicing them with your scythe, or hold down a firing direction to charge up a ranged projectile. Having trouble getting close without taking damage? Charge up your Wraith Meter by dealing damage at range, and once its full hit Left Shift to activate Wraith Mode, giving you a brief period of invulnerability and faster melee attack rate to close in and deal some satisfying damage!

Items that have a chance to inflict status ailments or similar effects also have a chance to occur when attacking enemies with your scythe. Items such as Brimstone and Tech X will override the default charged attack and behave normally, while still allowing you to use melee. Most items will synergize with Samael in some way, even if it is simple. Some items even have unique synergies with Samael (nothing too fancy though).

Click here for more information on Samael's item synergies and interactions, or don't look if you'd rather find out for yourself!

Please report any bugs, or things that you think are acting weird (for instance, if you feel like your current items cause the Wraith Meter to charge way too slow or too fast). I am also open to any suggestions you may have.

What is Samael, exactly? Is he another manifestation of Isaac’s mind, or something else? And what exactly is his relation to ______?

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ON CONTROLLER SUPPORT: The API does not currently support controller inputs directly. There are very few good solutions for this, so bear with me. I've added a variable to the top of main.lua, "controllerMode = false". If you change "false" to "true", then you can activate Wraith Mode with the same button that you use to drop/switch trinkets/cards/pills etc. The API doesnt let you map controller keys, so the only way for it to work on a controller is to map an ACTION like this, but I dont want it to be on by default. Sorry for the hassle, hopefully the API will be improved.


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- Fixed bugs related to respawns, Judas' Shadow, Lazarus' Rags, etc.

- Added poor controller support

this is scary had a nightmare about this scary ass dude named samule
this mod look good but samael don't have a scythe
@Xx_M4RC0_xX afterbirth doesnt support custom characters, thats not possible to do
can you ake an afterbirth version please?
I really need a GIF of samael cutting isaac´s head....
I will check this zip file myself today to see if there are any other issues i overlooked
The possible causes of the scythe not appearing are: 1- Conflicts with another mod, 2- Not installed properly, 3- Dont have afterbirth+. Remember, you cannot just copy files into steams isaac directory. It has to be installed as an afterbirth+ mod in the afterbirth+ mods folder in documents/my games. If possible, start the game woth samael shooting tears, then go to documents/my games/the binding of isaax afterbirth+/log.txt and search it for errors. If any are found, show them to me.
hi, when i play him dont have the scyter! is normal tears. PLS FIX
What Is That Untitled .rar File In The /resources/gfx Folder ?
Hey, to everyone having trouble installing this. Make sure you install it to the right place. Put the "Samael" fder in documents/my games/afterbirth+ mods, or so.ething like that. So you should be able to go documents/afterbirth+mods/samael/main.lua. also, if the character doesnt appear when first enabling the mod, you have to start and exit a run to reload the menu animations. And of course you need to have afterbirth+. Sorry for any mistakes, im on mobile right now
I can't find my afterbirth+ folder in my documents
How do i installed??? im new in this
The character doesn't appear in my character select. What should I do ?
launch afterbirth+, go to mods and press enter/space on the name samael, exit the game, re enter and see if it works now. if not im sorry i dont know what to do
January 20, 2017 - 3 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.