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Randomly Selected Itempools
Each itempool has 51 random items!!!
Created 11 months ago

Have you ever thought the itempools are boring?

Well then, is this the mod for you!!!

This mod changes up the itempools so they all have 51 randomly selected items.

(Note: This is an Afterbirth and Rebirth only mod. No AB+ or Antibirth.)

How to install:

1. Open the .zip.
2. Open either Rebirth or Afterbirth, depending on which you have.
3. Put the itempools.xml in your resources folder.
4. Enjoy!!!

5. Heart my work!!!


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Oh my god, if you look at the top of the page in the video WORST ISAAC MODS 8 by Hutts ( You can see this mod. This is a dream come true.
Am I the first one to do the "HAVE YOU EVER..." thing? Has anyone else done it before me?
But I meant how I say "HAVE YOU EVER..." and then "Well then, is this the mod for you!!!" not the game Never Have I Ever. (Like how I wrote "Have you ever thought the itempools are boring?" for this mod.)
November 2, 2017 - 4 months ago

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