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Faith's Reward
Gettin' reward from your FAITH!
Created 7 months ago

Content :

--Player Abilities--

1. Throwable Bombs :
When having two bombs, press "Drop" Key and "Bomb" key to
hold up a bomb. Now, you can throw the bomb in a direction by pressing
"Up", "Down", "Left" or "Right", but be fast or the bomb will blow your mind.
A Throwable Bomb will consume 2 instead of one of your bombs.


1. Rock Rocker - Look like bomb stones but when bombing them, they will destroy all BRock Rocker in the room
2. BRock Rocker - Look like invincible stone, which they nearly are,
but they can be destroy by bombing a Rock Rocker in the current room

--Items (Passive)--

1 - 10 All Ten Commandement as items
11 - 21 All Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth as items
22. Watching Eye -Always watching
[spoiler]-Spawns crack the sky effects[/spoiler]
23. True Eye of Cthulhu -It's not suspicious looking...
[spoiler]-Every time you shoot, another tear will spawn with random velocity[/spoiler]
24. Tear Spoor -I feel trailed
[spoiler]-You're spawning tears behind you[/spoiler]
25. Dynamite -Small ... BUT EXPLOSIVE
[spoiler]-Damage up + explosive tears[/spoiler]
26. Poison Staff -Poison trailed Tears
[spoiler]-Tears are leaving green creep[/spoiler]
27. Solar Eclipse -It's getting dark
[spoiler]-Removes curse of darkness + darks sometimes the florr and confuses the enemies[/spoiler]
28. Infinite Loop of Infinity -Where does it end?
[spoiler]-Tears have continuum effect and won't fall on the ground except when pressing "Drop" key[/spoiler]
29. Ragy Head -That makes me ANGRY!
[spoiler]-Damage continuously rises and then resets[/spoiler]
30. Strong Boy -Strong enough to protect
[spoiler]-Every familiar blocks tears[/spoiler]
31. Rotten Flesh -Smells Bad
[spoiler]-It's like cube of meat but sometimes shoots booger tears[/spoiler]
32. Crybaby -Forces Tears
[spoiler]-Forces you to fire tears when having other weapons (like Mom's Knife or Brimstone)[/spoiler]
33. Projectile Sensor -Projectile detected
[spoiler]-Shoots shielded tears at near projectiles[/spoiler]

Hover to get the Ten Commandements explained
1.[spoiler]-Only Angel Deals[/spoiler]
2.[spoiler]-Increases your damage for every enemy in your room[/spoiler]
3.[spoiler]-Sometimes shoot high powered holy tears[/spoiler]
4.[spoiler]-Much more Eternal Hearts[/spoiler]
5.[spoiler]-Gives Daddy Long Legs and Mom will sometimes stomp on Enemies[/spoiler]
6.[spoiler]-Tears up + damages every enemy when joining a room[/spoiler]
7.[spoiler]-Luck up + sometimes shoots Love tears[/spoiler]
8.[spoiler]-Much more Money[/spoiler]
9.[spoiler]-Deals a lot of damage to every enemy when get hit[/spoiler]
10.[spoiler]-Better Champions[/spoiler]

Hover to get the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth explained
1.[spoiler]-Sometimes shoot unholy tears which let the enemy drop black hearts[/spoiler]
2.[spoiler]-Constantly damages every enemy when having less than 2 hearts[/spoiler]
3.[spoiler]-Only half soul hearts will drop instead of other hearts[/spoiler]
4.[spoiler]-Damages every enemy and spawns blue flies when get hit[/spoiler]
5.[spoiler]-Luck up + sometimes shoots tears which fears, confuses and charms the enemy[/spoiler]
6.[spoiler]-Much more Money[/spoiler]
7.[spoiler]-Homing tears + damage * 1.3[/spoiler]
8.[spoiler]-Isaac leaves a strong creep behind him[/spoiler]
9.[spoiler]-The first hit in every room won't hurt you[/spoiler]
10.[spoiler]-Small damage down + high tears up[/spoiler]
11.[spoiler]-Kills every enemy that hits you (not if it's a boss)[/spoiler]

--Items (Active)--

1. Ten Commandements -Came from Mount Horeb
[spoiler]-Gives you a random effect of the ten commandemt items[/spoiler]
2. Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth -Came from deep below
[spoiler]-Gives you a random effect of the eleven satanic rule items[/spoiler]
3. Golden Hour -It Shines
[spoiler]-Gives every enemy in the room the midas freeze effect and turns poop golden[/spoiler]
4. Creepy -This scares
[spoiler]-Damages every enemy in the room and gives them a scare effect[/spoiler]
5. Brimstone? -Blood laser barrage
[spoiler]-Shoots 18 brimstone lasers in every direction[/spoiler]
6. D? -When life gives you enemies, make items
[spoiler]-Takes a random enemy in the room and makes it to an item[/spoiler]
7. Mama Phone -Call me if you're in trouble
[spoiler]-Makes mom try to stomp an enemy[/spoiler]
8. Rebecca's Cup of Water -Always ready to help!
[spoiler]-The next 12 tears are homing and are stronger[/spoiler]
9. How to Dash -It's time you learned how
[spoiler]-Press space to dash in your currect walking direction[/spoiler]
10. Blank -Bullet Hell!!
[spoiler]-Destroys every projectile in the room[/spoiler]
11. Nantendo Swatch -Handheld or Console?
[spoiler]-The First 2 uses kill every enemy and the others freeze every enemy in the room[/spoiler]


1. Rebecca :
HP : 2 Red Hearts
Start Item : Rebecca's Cup of Water
Stats :
-Damage = Damage * 0.8 + 0.21
-MoveSpeed = MoveSpeed - 0.15
-ShotSpeed = ShotSpeed - 0.15

2. Botis :
HP : 3 Soul Hearts
Start Item : Jar of Flies
Special Abilities :
-Botis can't hold any Red Hearts
-Only Half Souls Hearts will drop for Botis
Stats :
-Damage = Damage * 1.11

--Vanilla Changes--

1. More mimics will spawn
2. It's now possible to bomb Devil Statues, which will spawn a Fallen Angel
3. Angels will drop a random item when already having both Key Pieces
4. Fallen Angles will drop a random item
5. Better Challenge - and Secret Rooms
6. Better Soy Milk


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