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Touhou Music Replacements
Created 1 year ago
Replace most of the music with touhou music
The mod was based on Remixed Touhou BGM Mod,so some sound are the same.

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x 11

- Void

- Delirium

- Link Update

- Fixed The Lamb's theme

- Fixed ???'s theme

- Removed [A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander]

- Added a music.xml

- Fixed isaac's theme

- Fixed Satan's theme

- Fixed hush's theme

- Fixed Cathedral's theme

- Fixed The Chest's theme

- Changed Cathedral's theme to [UFO-Fires of Hokkai]

- Changed The Chest's theme to [TD-A Small Desire's Starry Sky]

- Changed [B0SS Fight alt] to [UFO-A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander]

- Changed Necropolis's theme to [TD-The Dream Palace Great Mausoleum]

- Changed Dank Depths's theme to [DDC-Magical Storm]

- Changed Boss Rush theme to [SA-Hartmann's Youkai Girl]

- Changed Basic Boss Fight theme to [TD-Old Yuanxian]

- Changed Boss Fight Alt theme to [ISC-Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku]

- Fixed Scarred Womb's theme

- Fixed Ultra Greed's Theme

- Added A Loading Sound Effect

- Changed Download Source

- [Chapter 3] Now Is Using The Same Theme-[LoLK-Faraway Voyage of 380 000 Kilometers]

- Changed [Cathedral]'s Theme To [SWR-Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven]

- Changed [Sheol]'s Theme To [LoLK-The Sea Where One's Home Planet Reflects]

- Changed [The Lamb]'s Theme To [LoLK-Eternal Spring Dream]

- Added Some Sound Effects From The Original Binding of Isaac

- Fixed sheol's theme

- Reworked All Tracks(Again)

- (Unknown)

- Reworked All Tracks(The file size is smaller now).

- Added 6 Tracks.

Good mod, i hope soon we will see Touhou Characters in Isaac
10/10. Really fits Hush and Ultra Greed
If I didn't already listen to Touhou music while playing this game this would still probably be something I installed, but well I do already listen to it...
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