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The Skinless
Adds in items, but not the skinless... yet. 6 items
Created 1 year ago
Adds in 6 new items, and two new characters. The apprentice has become The chaos, b/c I was annoyed with his non-functional gimmick. The mask still doesn't have wings, but I'm nearing a solution.... probably. See ya soon,

- Arcade.

sellout moment
here my youtube. (optional)


x 5

- Changed the apprentice

- 4/8/17 added in necronomicon 2.0

please, change the textures, it looks awful in isaac
the items and the costumes, i can help you if you want to
help with costumes would be greatly appreciated
my discord id ArcadeGamer62 if you wanna chat there instead
June 5, 2018 - 13 days ago

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