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Cricket Mod
Become cricket in this new mod! Comes with a challenge!
Created 7 months ago
This mods adds 2 items, a cricket transformation, and a challenge where you play as cricket.

-Cricket's paw is a infinite use item that takes away a heart, and gives you +1 damage
appears in:devil,treasure

-Cricket's tail is a 1.2 multiplier to all stats except for tear delay
appears in:treasure

-Cricket transformation can be gotten by getting 3 of these, cricket's paw, cricket's tail, cricket's tail, cricket's head, and cricket's body.
It makes it so when you kill a enemy, you get 2-4 spiders and flies

-Cricket challenge
difficulty: easy
items:cricket's paw, cricket's tail, cricket's head, cricket's body, key pieces
restrictions:item rooms
to:mega Satan(through dark room)

steam page

Remember to unpack the cricket folder and put it in the afterbirth + mods folder!


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I'm not sure if you were meant to put Crickets tail twice in the the part about how to get the transformation, but other than that great mod
January 20, 2017 - 9 months ago

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